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Global Insights - 2017 - 42

18th Oct 17


We are excited to announce the launch of our handbook, ENGAGE, which can be accessed from here. We hope you can make good use of the Handbook in our own organization. Please join us for a webinar on the 24th, where we have a fantastic panel of experts sharing their wisdom on the issue of participant engagement.

This week, we have great contributions from Enrique Domingo, Andrew Konya, Jackie Lorch, Neil Marcus and Dave Rothstein. Enjoy!
GRBN launches new handbook, ENGAGE, to help researchers deliver better experiences to research participants and greater value to clients
NEW YORK – October 16 2017 – The Global Research Business Network (GRBN) today announces the launch of its new handbook ENGAGE: 101 tips to improve the research participant user experience... Read More
Hot Tip: Think Mobile First When Designing Activities For Online Communities
Today’s customers choose whether or not to participate in companies’ online communities. Their feedback is invaluable, so it makes sense we solicit their input on devices most convenient for them. Increasingly, customers are reaching for their mobile devices to participate in online communities... Read More
Sharing Back Made Easy
Many people are participating in research out of a desire to share their opinions and our research demonstrated that sharing back data on other people's opinions is a huge motivator to participants. Tip 61 in our ENGAGE Handbook gives you tips on how to share back data with survey participants... Read More
Featured Guest
John Wanamaker – we now know which half of your ad money is wasted!