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Checking a company’s bona fides

If you would like to check the bona fides of a company who has contacted you about participating in a survey, you can search for their name in the AMSRS Research Company Directory or view a PDF list of the companies included. Each company’s listing in our Directory will provide a profile on the company including their contact details, services offered and industry accreditations. Only companies committing to abide by the AMSRS Code of Professional Behaviour are eligible to list in the Research Company Directory and at minimum, their owners or most senior management are AMSRS members.

The facility to search the online Directory is a faster and more convenient replacement for Surveyline – a 1300 phone service previously offered by the AMSRS.

You can also check the AMSRS Members Directory to see if individuals from a particular company are members of the Society. The Members Directory is a searchable list of all current AMSRS members and includes their name, company name and membership level. All AMSRS members agree to abide by our Code of Professional Behaviour.