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Help with Registering for Events

The new AMSRS website is a very complex tool that allows us to hold detailed information on your membership(s) granting you access to a myriad of different services based on your status.

Whether you are a member, non member, QPR-accredited, part of a special interest group or a first time user, the system uses your membership status to allocate your specific rates and to determine if you have access to particular events. The system therefore needs to identify who you are, before your registration is made.

Your Login Details

Login to our website is by means of a unique Username allocated for each person, plus a Password. These are generated and emailed by the system when a new record is created, and were set for existing records when this website was first launched.


These are in the format of firstname.lastname . There are a few exceptions to this format where someone else may have the same first and last names as you, in which case the system adds some numbers to the end of the Username.


Initial passwords are set by the system as a random string of alphanumeric characters. You can reset your password at any time, by logging in and using the Change Password facility on the Home page. If you have forgotten your password, you can submit a request to set a new one, here.

If you don't know your login details at all, you can submit a request for an email to be sent to you containing both your Username and Password, here.

There are two ways of logging in.

You can login with your username and password on:

1. The AMSRS home page


2. The Event registration page

IF you know the exact first name, last name and email address you have registered with us, you can just add this to your registration and the system will recognise you. Please note that if you enter the incorrect details, the system will create a duplicate record and will not be able to recognise your membership or groups, so you may not be able to register for closed groups and you may end up paying more for your registration if you are a member.

If you are registering on behalf of another person, you should login as yourself first, then choose one of the options on the left.

You will then be asked to enter their
first name
last name and
email address

See below

Please note that the details you enter must match exactly against those we have on file, for the system to recognise the data. Otherwise it will create a duplicate contact record which will not have the appropriate membership access rights.

There are a few reasons why you may still be having problems registering.

1. Duplicate contact records

This can occur when a registration is made without you being logged in, and your first name, your last name or your email address are entered differently to what we have in your contact record. For instance, using Jen instead of Jenny, or using a different email address than the one we have on record for you.

If this is the case, the system has not recognised you and created a duplicate record which does not have any of your membership details attached, and it therefore cannot apply your specific rates or access.

If you think this has occurred, please don't register for the event. Instead please call the office on 02 9566 3100 and we will sort out the duplicate record and make sure you get your correct rates and access.

2. Expired Membership

If one of your memberships has expired or been suspended, or you have not paid your renewal, the system may not grant you access to events which require a particular membership, or it may not give you the relevant member price.

If you think this has occurred, you can contact our office, or you can check your membership(s) online by
clicking here

3. Closed Group Events

If you are trying to register for an event which has restricted access for members of a particular closed group only (e.g. QPR only, Clients Networking Group, etc), the registration options will not be offered to you if you aren't a member of that group, or your membership has expired.

If you think this might be the case, you can contact the office or you can check your membership(s) online by
clicking here

If you have any trouble at all registering, please do not hesitate to contact the office on 02 9566 3100 or you can email the events team by clicking here, and we will work it out for you.