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About the AMSRS website

Our website is integrated with our database, and offers interactive functionality which caters for online registration for our events, online purchases of our publications, and variable levels of access to the site according to your membership status. By recognising who you are, the system is able to auto-complete data already held and save you re-entering information each time you visit the site, as well as automatically allocate the correct prices for your transactions.

This functionality relies on the website's ability to recognise you, and this is achieved by two different means: either by login, or matching of certain data fields.

Our new website is responsive with most devices - pc/mac, tablet and mobile phones.

Login Information

By logging in with your Username and Password, the system immediately knows who you are and what level of access you have. A unique Username is allocated for each AMSRS member, and for non-members who attend any of our events. A Password is initially allocated by the system, but can be updated.

Click here to find out more about logging in.

Matching of Data Fields

If you are not already logged into the website and your details are entered for certain transactions on the site, the system will search against existing records for a match on First Name, Last Name and Email address. If it finds a match on all three fields, it will allocate that transaction to you, or may ask you to login with your Username and Password, depending on the nature of the transaction.

This matching process is used if someone else is making an event registration on your behalf. When they enter your First Name, Last Name and Email address, the system is able to find your existing record and allocate the registration to you. It is therefore important that the details entered for your event registration match exactly with how they already show in our records. For example, if you are a member and have your personal email address in your record, but your event registration is made using your work email address, the system will not find a match and will create a new record allocating the non-member price for the event registration.